Creative Commons images to use for any purpose.


The images on this site have been created by Nicholas (Nick) Youngson of NYPhotographic who has allowed some of his images to be used for free under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike license.

It is important that anyone intending to use the images for free follows the terms of the license which includes a requirement for a link back to, Nick Youngson's web site, a link to the Creative Commons license and a link using the title of the work to the page on this site you found the image.

The link need not be obtrusive and can look something like;

Title CC BY-SA 3.0 NY

This link should be placed directly under the image.

Each image has all the information needed underneath to make the necessary attributions.

There are further requirements should you wish to modify the image which basically informs others that you have made alterations to the original image.

The licensing information for each image has a direct link to the Creative Commons license it has been licensed under and it is important to read the terms.

Should you feel that a Creative Commons license is not suitable for your use then you can purchase a right managed license of the original full size image by following the link directly below the licensing information on each page.

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